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Accounting firms of the future will no longer rely solely on meticulous knowledge of our ever changing taxation and statutory requirements. Business owners expect more. Accounting firms of the future will give business owners access to services that optimise their operations.

At Jewell Moore the future is here. Build the business you’ve always wanted with an elite partner that delivers progressive solutions through every stage of your businesses growth and development. Regular contact is encouraged to ensure that we understand progress with you, your business and your assets.

Unchallenged in its dedication to deliver Bayside’s most advanced and diverse suite of comprehensive accounting and business advisory services. Jewell Moore is your business partner in commercial success and achieving your life goals. Servicing Queensland, Brisbane and Cleveland, Jewell Moore Chartered Accountants opperate in Cleveland. Based at Cleveland House, the Jewell Moore team of business professionals are ready to work on your business solutions.


Business Structuring

We review your circumstances and provide advice on the most appropriate business/ investment structure to achieve the outcome you want.

This process includes an analysis of the best tax and liability protection for you now and in the future.

We also provide advice and assistance with converting an existing business structure into a more suitable structure. We look at the tax effects and the options available to minimise or avoid triggering costly CGT errors.


We take the hassle out of your back office so that you can go out and do what you do best. From Cloud accounting systems all the way through to in house processing – we have a solution that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Tax Compliance

We take care of dealing with the tax man. One less matter for you to have to deal with. All compliance requirements may be administered by us.

Audit Services

We provide audit services to various non-profit organisations and professionals requiring the audit of a trust account.

Corporate Services

Registering your new business structure, making changes to your existing structure or advising you of your options. These are all services we offer.


We are able to process your payroll. We use a cloud payroll system which allows you and your employees to enter payroll information including pay rates, hours, leave applications and approved applications at the click of a button on a mobile, computer, laptop or tablet. Access to information anytime, anywhere. We follow up on any missing information with you to process your payroll based on the provided information.

Advisory Profile

Jewell Moore is an innovative, dynamic Chartered Accounting firm with extensive experience in growing and supporting SME businesses. We are passionate about entrepreneurs because we understand them. We have first-hand knowledge and experience of business and the driving forces as well as the frustrations and limitations that entrepreneurs have to deal with. We have successfully managed to nurture the creativity and technical skills of business owners whilst directing their efforts through an unbiased overview of their financial data and industry trends. We tailor the support we offer to suit the individual needs of each client. Our own success is undoubtedly linked to the success and testimony of our clients, it’s a win-win scenario and we pride ourselves on that.

Compliance Matters

Underpinning our passion for the entrepreneur and the excitement of growing businesses is the need to ensure that the numbers are rock solid. We understand the skill and finesse of balancing the two aspects of business to ensure successful growth. Our experienced team excels at ensuring that the foundations of your business are solid. It is very difficult to run a business with all the inherent challenges and keep up to date with compliance changes and updates which occur regularly. This is where Jewell Moore adds immense value. We deal with compliances on a daily basis always looking ahead so that you don’t get left behind.


The way we record and process financial data has changed significantly over the last few years and shows no sign of stopping. To ensure that your business is current and up to date with software is essential. At Jewell Moore we have embraced software changes and challenges by offering accounting and payroll software that will ensure that you are not left behind. We will also walk you through the process of installing new software to ensure that you derive the maximum benefit. We offer competitive software packages that best suit your needs and save you time and money.


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