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When we see figures, we see them in relation to an activity or objects. They speak to us and we in turn communicate their message. We are much like musicians who read and interpret musical notes with all the passion and skill that years of training and studying have prepared them for.

We love the language of numbers, the interpretation of percentages and the order and balance of ratios. For us it is much, much more than number crunching …… its story telling at its best. We read and interpret the story of your business, your family and your lives. We get to know you and understand your hopes, aspirations and driving forces. It’s not just the numbers, it’s also about the people who drive the numbers and why they do so.

At Jewell Moore, we are able to offer you the best of both the analytical and creative processes that make sense of business and assist in driving forward the growth and sustainability of that business.

Why do Businesses Fail?

Less than 10% of all strategies are actually implemented in a Business or Company! Low accountability has been generally cited as the main reason for failure of CEO’s and Business owners. Less than 2 in 5 businesses make a profit in their lifetime.

Are you wanting to expand your business, increase profitability and identify the systems and workflows that hinder you? Our value added Business Advisory and Consulting Services include:-

  • The development of information systems.
  • A virtual CFO Service.
  • Business and Strategic Planning.
  • Cashflows and Budgets.
  • Financial Analysis.
  • Management Accounting and Reporting.
  • Business mentoring with face to face consultations and practical advice.
  • Access to our Legal, Financial and Commercial service providers.

Why Business Advisory?

All the best athletes have one thing in common – they have a coach to push them to achieve their best performance. Just as coaching is an essential part of achieving a great sporting career, so it has become essential for running a successful business.

A Business coach or mentor brings a fresh unbiased perspective of improving the way you run your company. They will guide, motivate, reassure and push both you and your employees to perform at the optimum level.

Are you a slave to your business?

Many business owners and managers find that their original ideas and motivations for going into business have vanished and they have just created another job for themselves. Sound familiar? Jewell Moore can help you work ON your business, so that rather than a job, it becomes your working investment!

Do you have a plan to sell your business?

Your business is an investment. You will make more money out of selling your business than you will out of annual profits. Jewell Moore will outline “step by step” action plans to help you to build the business and maximise the eventual sale price that you will receive. These simple steps over time can double the value of your business.