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Organisation Structure Seminar

A goal without a plan is just a wish


Do you find yourself having to deal with everything in your business? Does every single decision come back onto your shoulders? Being in business is often a lonely place. You are juggling so many balls and no one seems to really understand what you go through.

Well, I do understand… This seminar is aimed at those business owners running SMEs. From tiny businesses where you are all on your own, through larger SMEs employing many staff, you will benefit from understanding the functions in your business and how you can free up substantial time and worry through understanding and structuring your business with an appropriate organisational structure.

The organisation chart is integral part of understanding how your business ticks. Whether you are a sole owner or part of a bigger organisation it is important to understand the key functions and how they inter-relate. It is most definitely not something that only large corporates need to worry about. In fact that thinking is a major flaw in many a smaller business owners thinking.

We will take you through the key functions and how you can deal with them in your business. Leaving you with clarity of purpose and an understanding that you can build on.

Getting your foundation right is half the battle!

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