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Accounting Software: what is right for me and my business?

Please phone us today if you would like us to help assess your company’s software needs and set up your accounting software for you.

Navigating through the multitude of different accounting software packages available might be overwhelming. Here at Jewell Moore Chartered Accountants we usually find that for most small to mid-sized companies, your software needs will be met within the following three software companies:

Why do I need Accounting software?

If you are currently keeping a manual set of accounts you may wonder why Accounting software holds so much value, especially in the eyes of your Accountant. And, while we understand the “if-it-ain’t-broke-why-fix-it?” philosophy, we also see the immense value every day in clients making the switch to software not only for you as a business owner but also for us as your Accountants providing your annual compliance Accounting work.

Time – it is your most valuable commodity and it is no surprise that business owners can never have enough of it. You are often pulled in many different directions, relied upon by your team not just for your presence but also your advice,  insight, motivation, approval and mentorship.

On top of being the primary decision-maker for your compan and mentor for your staff there is the paperwork. An insurmountable pile of paperwork which attempts to swallow your desk whole the minute you turn your back. Wait – lets face it, you can be there – looking straight at it and the pile will magically grow. Sounding familiar?

If you are doing your own bookkeeping, and still not utilising the products available, I can almost guarantee that a magnanimous proportion of your paperwork is bookkeeping related.

Ok, so we’ve outlined your main problem. I know I can almost hear you thinking – “well how can you fix it?!!!!!”

The truth is, the solution will also take some time.


“You will need to invest some time to get back your time”



(I see the irony).


We do not want you to come in, have us set up your software subscription and then not make the time for training – because you will not get the value from your software. You will be left dazed, confused as to why we’ve recommended the subscription and maybe even end up spending more time on your bookkeeping work than before. This is why we push for training! To you it may seem as though we are trying to make more money from you, but to us we are trying to teach you how to get the most from your software subscription – which will save us time when it comes to preparing your annual accounts/BAS/IAS – and then we get to pass this saving on to you!

Once you are set up and trained on how to confidently use your software not only will you start to notice the time saving for you, but you will be able to adequately keep track on your businesses progress. Unsure how to utilise these reports? We recommend our Financial Awareness Coaching which together with your new bookkeeping software will enable you to understand your business and take precautionary measures and plan for your business’ future.

We offer a range of set-up and training services to meet your individual needs. Contact us today for more information on how we can set up your new Accounting software to streamline your taxation obligations as well as provide valuable insight and data to your business.

We use Docusign as a secure electronic method of delivering documents and obtaining signatures which meet the requirements of the Electronic Transactions Act 2000.

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