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Contractor or employee? How to get it right

Knowing when a worker is a contractor or an employee can be tricky, but there are penalties if you get it wrong. Learn the key differences that will help you understand the real nature of the employment relationship before you enter into it.

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Leadership be a better leader

Leadership: Building a Better Business Step 6

Are there signs of toxicity in your business? A toxic workplace culture will inhibit the success of your business. We can help you be a better leader and build a stronger culture – get in touch! #BetterBusiness #10Steps

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Report PAYGW Correctly to Claim Tax Deductions

Are you withholding tax from workers and reporting to the ATO correctly? If you don’t comply with PAYGW reporting requirements, you may lose your tax deduction. Give us a call, we’ll help you review your PAYGW reporting. #smallbiz #tax

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Cash flow and cost control

Keeping everything running is the priority for now. Regular cashflow forecasts will help you make informed decisions. Talk to us about setting up a forcecast for your business.

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